This is the perfect course for people who want to get outdoors, experience a new challenge and learn some valuable skills!

For people who want to challenge themselves to spend a night out in the woods, in a survival training scenario, Wildwood Training invites you on our Two-Day survival experience.

The skills you will learn and practice will have a serious nature, as you will rely on them whilst spending the night outdoors in shelters you’ve made yourself.

This course requires more mental and physical resilience than is called for in normal ‘modern’ day to day living, so please be aware that you must possess a good level of physical fitness, as some people find this course quite challenging. For the more robust participants you can try your hand at sleeping out ‘without’ a sleeping bag!



On this course there is a significant amount of physical hardship, the technical level of the skill-set taught is high, and there will be a large amount of walking and physical exertion, often in poor weather (and you will be out overnight with minimal equipment).

This course will prepare you to explore the outdoors in increased safety by learning practical survival skills, and developing your knowledge of relevant equipment (survival tin, emergency shelter etc.) Once you’ve completed this course you’ll rest assured in the confidence that you can survive a night outdoors with minimal equipment, in style!

Our staff will teach you the basics of survival theory, using models such as; the vital pyramid, rule of threes and PLAN-M to put the practical elements of your course into context.

Intro: Vital Pyramid, Survival Priorities, Rule of 3’s, PLAN-M, survival tin (brief discussion).

We will aim to cover the majority of the skills listed below, during your course.



  • How to get the best from the clothes you wear.
  • Shelter using man-made resources; group shelters, tarps and cordage.
  • Shelter using natural resources; thermal A-frames.
  • Bedding and insulation from the ground.
  • Making the shelter that you’ll spend the night in!


  • Lighting and managing fires; tinder types (man-made and natural), ignition sources, fire by friction and different fire-lays for different purposes.
  • Wood selection for different purposes; cooking, warmth, boiling etc.


  • How to signal for assistance using modern equipment; whistles, mobile phones, tinsel trees etc.
  • Signalling for help using natural resources; ground to air signals, smoke and flame.



  • Sourcing water in the outdoors and making it safe for consumption; filtration & purification using modern filter systems and basic methods.
  • Water sourcing in different environments.


  • Foraging wild edibles to find food outdoors.
  • Principles of trapping: strangle, mangle, tangle, dangle.
  • Making traps to secure wild game (N.B. you will not catch and kill live animals on this course. You will simply learn how it is possible to manufacture simple trapping devices from available materials).
  • Wild game preparation (game provided; fin, fur or feather).
  • Backwoods cooking on an open fire.


  • Natural navigation techniques; sun & watch, shadow stick, celestial navigation.
  • Navigational strategies to find your way outdoors; re-finding a path or track, trailblazing.
  • Introduction to the use of the map and compass.
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The cost of this course is just £160 per person.

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