This is the perfect course for people who want to get outdoors, having fun and learning valuable survival skills... without the discomfort of sleeping out overnight!

This course will teach you the basics of survival. Your instructor will explain the principles of survival, using models such as; the rule of threes and PLAN-M to put the practical elements of your course into context.

You’ll be shown how to prepare for a trip into the outdoors, and what equipment you should carry (survival tin, emergency shelter etc.) and what to do if you are stranded in a wilderness environment.

You’ll learn and practice many useful skills on this course without the additional challenge of a night out in the cold! You will be pushed however, starting fire by friction is no easy task!


Intro: Vital Pyramid, Survival Priorities, Rule of 3’s, PLAN-M, survival tin (brief discussion).

We will aim to cover the majority of the skills listed below, during your course.


  • How to get the best from your clothes.
  • Creating shelter using man-made resources & natural resources.
  • Lighting and managing fires.


  • How to signal for rescue using modern equipment; whistles, mobile phones, tinsel trees etc.
  • Signalling for help using natural resources; ground to air signals, smoke and flame.


  • Sourcing water in the outdoors and making it safe for consumption; filtration, purification.
  • An introduction to simple edible plant foraging to find wild food outdoors.
  • Simple backwoods cooking on an open fire (with marshmallows for the kids if time allows).


  • Basic natural navigation techniques; sun & watch, celestial navigation.
  • Fundamental navigational strategies to find your way outdoors; re-finding a path or track, trailblazing etc.

The cost of this course is; £50 per individual adult, £70 for one adult and one child,

or £100 for a family with two adults and two children. 

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