These are the perfect courses for people who want to get outdoors, have some fun & learn real Bushcraft & Survival skills... without the discomfort of sleeping out overnight!

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Sharp Tools Day

Get to grips with the most practical and common tools of Bushcraft & Survival. Expert tuition in the use of; axe, bow saw, folding saw, knife, spoon/hook knife, pocket knife and awl.

Sharp Tools Day - 28th April 2019

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Mastering Fire Day

Try-out a variety of modern, traditional and primitive methods of fire ignition. Use a range of skills including solar, chemical, friction, etc to light fire… and learn how to keep it going!

Mastering Fire Day - 5th May 2019

Mastering Fire Day - 24th Nov 2019


Shelter Building Day

Spend a day out in the woods learning all about how to stay warm, dry and comfortable in the outdoors. Learn how to build warm and weather-proof shelters, erect tarps and tie knots!

Shelter Building Day - 28th July 2019


Find Your Way in a Day

The ultimate 1-day Navigation course! Learn methods of natural navigation; sun, moon, stars and natures signs, and develop your essential map and compass skills in a suitably challenging environment... and actually use them and apply them during a day-hike!

Find Your Way in a Day - 30th June 2019

Find Your Way in a Day - 20th Oct 2019


Traps & Triggers Day

Learn some simple and fool-proof methods of creating improvised traps and triggers to capture wild-game in a survival emergency. Animals will not be trapped, handled or harmed whatsoever during this course. It's about learning, developing and understanding the methods and ethics of trapping for survival!

Traps & Triggers Day - 25th Aug 2019


Fin, Fur & Feather

Get hands-on with a variety of wild game. Learn some easy and efficient methods of safely preparing; fish, small mammals and game-birds. Cook fin, fur and feather over open fires and develop your skills in creating delicious and nutritious meals outdoors!

Fin, Fur & Feather - 15th Sept 2019

A day spent ‘Spoon-Carving’ in the Woods.

This is the ideal course for people who want to spend some quality time outdoors. Relaxing, enjoying and escaping whilst learning how to carve a useful item from the natural materials around them.

We’ll cover; selecting the raw materials and harvesting suitable pieces of timber, using saws and axes to carve out the spoon blanks, using a variety of knives to create pleasing curves and contours and finishing the spoon ready for use.

Along the way we’ll also cover selecting appropriate tools, maintaining and sharpening your tools, and the safest and most efficient ways to use the tools for carving.


Spoon Carving Day - 11th Aug 2019

Spoon Carving Day - 8th Dec 2019

You don't just have to book for yourself. If you know someone who loves being active outdoors, and enjoys learning new skills, one of these courses might just be the perfect gift for them! Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.