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This is the perfect course for people who want a taste of survival training, without the commitment of a full day or overnight experience.

You'll have fun and learn valuable skills!

This course, will teach you a few fundamental survival skills. Your instructor will explain the principles of survival, using models such as; the rule of threes, to put the practical elements of your course into context.

You’ll be shown how to prepare for a trip into the outdoors, and what equipment you should carry (survival tin, emergency shelter etc.) and what to do if you are stranded in a wilderness environment.

You’ll learn and practice some useful skills on this course and it'll only take up a couple of hours from your day!

Itinerary: Half Day Woodland Bushcraft & Survival Course


This course is suitable for most ages (7yrs+ although children MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult) as there is a low amount of physical hardship, the technical level of the skill-set taught is low, and there will only be a small amount of walking and physical exertion.


Intro: Survival Priorities, Rule of 3’s, survival tin (brief discussion).


We will aim to cover the majority of the skills listed below, during your course.



  • Creating shelter using man-made and/or natural resources.
  • Lighting fire in an emergency; tinder types (man-made and natural), ignition sources, and basic fire-lays for different purposes.


  • How to signal for assistance using modern equipment; whistles, mobile phones, tinsel trees, ground to air signals etc.


  • Sourcing water in the outdoors and making it safe for consumption; filtration, purification.
  • Food - we may get time for the kids to toast some marshmallows!

The cost of this course is; £30 per individual adult, £40 for one adult and one child,

or £50 for a family ticket (two adults and two children).

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