Survival fire lighting… which way is best?

The paradox of fire lighting, in my experience and opinion, is that when the need is greatest (wet/cold/windy conditions) a potential survivor is often faced with the most challenging conditions under which to create a fire (wet/cold/windy conditions). Ease and speed of fire lighting cannot be overemphasized when consideration is given to this paradox, and the understanding that in a survival situation a person is likely to be fatigued, injured and highly stressed (therefore less dexterous/coordinated).
Below is my attempt to justify my decision of preferring one method of fire lighting over another.



I don’t believe that this table tells me anything that common sense can’t help deducing, but it offers a more impartial method of deciding on a suitable method to keep in a survival tin, or rely on for example. Using a fire steel and pre-prepared cotton wool, covered in Vaseline, is an excellent resource to keep in a survival kit. In my opinion, it is one of the best, if not the best survival/emergency fire lighting resources… Maybe with a bit of rubber inner tube added for good measure!

Keep on practicing! Cheers, Andy.