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Urban Survival: Self-Defense, Personal Safety, Close Combat Training

At WILDWOOD TRAINING we believe that high quality self-defense training should be an integral part of civilian survival training. The survival mentality is preparedness, which goes hand in hand with self-defense and personal safety methodology.

We live in increasingly unsafe times. This is an unfortunate reality which is proven by UK policing statistics, which show violent crimes rising year upon year.

Everyone deserves to feel safe!

It is our right under UK law to defend ourselves if we are attacked. Unfortunately, many people lack the knowledge, skill, understanding or ability to effectively defend themselves.

This is why we have developed our Urban Survival: Self-Defense training program. Using highly effective Close-Combat skills and techniques developed over decades by law enforcement and military personal we will arm you with the confidence and competence to keep yourself, your friends and family, and your colleagues safe!

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There are many self-defense trainers & self-defense systems available to the public these days. However, how many of them inform/educate their clients about the legalities of the reasonable use of force, as it pertains to UK law? How many offer a system that will actually work and prove effective during the primitive stress response of flight, fight or freeze?

We offer a system which is compliant with UK law, and which will work under the pressure of an actual physical confrontation. Included in our training are de-escalation strategies and conflict management techniques to lessen the necessity of ever actually having to resort to a physical response.

Our training is also ideal for lone workers who come into contact with members of the public, and we have specialized programs of training for the following professionals:

  • Taxi Drivers
  • Estate Agents
  • Social Workers

This type of training should be viewed in the same light as First Aid training. It's better to have had it, and not need it. Than to need it and not have had it! Get in touch with us to find out more and request training for yourself, your staff or your clients. Pricing upon request.


We can come to you, or you can come to us...

We are able to provide this training at your choice of venue, providing it has adequate space and facilities. However, we have access to a professional training facility with ample private parking, which is secure.

Professional, safe and private...

Our training facility has separate male and female changing facilities, toilets, kitchen facilities, a lecturing space and a large fully matted training area.



Please contact us if you are interested in our Urban Survival: Self-Defense training, even if you would simply like more information on the services we can provide. Thanks!